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Re: Hows about an amicable disagreement?

Posted by Robin P. on 6/02/05
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    I have to say,and nothing personal meant by this,but I did not
    read the initial post at ALL,simply because of the title,"Why YOU
    shouldn't wing clip".I get taken wrong alot of times,tone is hard
    to interpret on a board,that just seemed like it was going to be
    dictatorial,and alot of people took it like that.
    Just food for thought about wing clipping,these are the points I
    usually make-
    Most average bird owners do not have sense enough to take BASIC
    care of their birds.We're talking diet,proper cage space,cage
    cleaning.So it is irresponsible,in my opinion,to encourage those
    people,which are the ones that are going to take such advice to
    heart,to leave their birds unclipped.The "average" bird owner is
    a scary individual that will cut off it's bird's tail and cover
    the cage in mite protectors.They'll happily share their chocolate
    chip cookies and guacamole dip with the bird.
    Again,these same people don't know alot about training their
    birds either,and clipping wings does help in that area.
    As far as the "birds in the wild don't fly into walls or
    windows" argument,tell that to the robin (I know,darn ironic)
    that flew into my window a couple weeks back,and broke it's neck.
    Finally,IDEALLY,we should be able to keep our birds
    unclipped,allowing them the freedom to go wherever they
    wish.Ideally they'd be on perfect diets,they'd get fantastic vet
    care,never be in any danger.Unfortunately we do not live in an
    ideal world.