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Re: Hows about an amicable disagreement?

Posted by Emma on 6/02/05
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    I appreciate that for the "average" bird owner who sounds like a
    liability, the bird needs to be controlled. But isn't it obvious
    that someone like this shouldn't be looking after a bird? I don't
    see why the bird should suffer its freedom being taken away for
    their stupidity.

    I apologise if the original post sounded dictatorial, I didn't
    mean for it to come across like that and I'm sorry if that's why
    people took offence.

    The question I have for you is that you are obviously not the
    average bird owner, you have experience and knowledge. So why do
    you clip your birds? You are evidently responsible enough to keep
    them flighted so why not? Don't you think the birds would enjoy
    more flying ability? That's all I want to ask.