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Re: Hows about an amicable disagreement?

Posted by Robin P. on 6/02/05
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    On 6/02/05, Emma wrote:
    > Robin,
    > I appreciate that for the "average" bird owner who sounds like a
    > liability, the bird needs to be controlled. But isn't it obvious
    > that someone like this shouldn't be looking after a bird? I don't
    > see why the bird should suffer its freedom being taken away for
    > their stupidity.

    I agree with you 110% on that.There are so many people that should
    not own birds.I have done rescue for years,trust me,there are alot of
    people I have fought back the need to smack when picking up birds
    from them.Again,I wish it was the case that people who shouldn't own
    birds didn't,but they do.

    > I apologise if the original post sounded dictatorial, I didn't
    > mean for it to come across like that and I'm sorry if that's why
    > people took offence.

    No worries,for my part,like I said,I often have to retype what I say
    2-3 times,people get offended at me all the time.One of the main
    things people get mad at me for is me saying "Do research!Read!".

    > The question I have for you is that you are obviously not the
    > average bird owner, you have experience and knowledge. So why do
    > you clip your birds? You are evidently responsible enough to keep
    > them flighted so why not? Don't you think the birds would enjoy
    > more flying ability? That's all I want to ask.
    > Thanks
    > -Emma

    Well,my main "pet" birds that are part of the family,everyone knows
    well,are my 3 macaws.Beaker is a rescue,I don't clip her,her wing is
    missing on one side and she couldn't fly anyway.As far as Cookie and
    Sarge go,it's simply not workable.I have ceiling fans,low
    windows,when I first got them both,they were both unclipped and
    crashed into so many things.They were also both fairly wild,Sarge
    (Scarlet) is outright aggressive at times.It's just a case of
    weighing the pros and the cons,and in the long run,for my birds,the
    safest thing to do for them is keep them clipped.And I don't regard
    it so strongly as them "suffering".They get plenty of exercise,they
    get plenty of attention,and I clip their wings myself,it's not a big
    traumatic deal for them.Heck my daughter has more of a fit getting
    her hair cut.For me,it's the responsible thing to do.
    The first day Cookie was here he took off across the living room,and
    this is irony again,I have HUGE cages for them but my living room is
    teeny,ha,and crashed into the window on the other side.He actually
    knocked the A/C loose from the window.Had the AC gone out,the bird
    would have too! Stuff happens,unfortunately we can't control
    Oh,one other point that pro-flight people make is about
    predators,and how they are safer in the air than on the ground,and
    that is simply not the case either.I have seen many a hawk,and could
    tell you stories that wwould turn your hair white,that will snatch a
    colorful little meal out of the sky.