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Re: Hows about an amicable disagreement?

Posted by Robin P. on 6/02/05
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    On 6/02/05, Emma wrote:

    > Thanks Robin :)
    > It's nice to hear from someone who obviously looks after their birds
    > very very well. I guess with parrots it's kind of different to a small
    > cockatiel. Do you clip your birds so they can't fly at all? Or just to
    > stop them getting wildly out of control?

    Actually I am very glad you asked this,because it's a common misnomer as
    well,that clipping a bird's wings takes away the ability to fly,when it
    does not.A proper clip of just the flight feathers on each side minimizes
    the lift a bird gets,so it does not crash,and is still able to glide.
    Very often a bird with it's wings clipped can still fly away,all they
    have to do is get the right amount of wind under them,and poof they are
    gone.So you again,are very much in the right that people need to
    supervise their birds better than they do.But again,stuff happens to the
    best of us,so to minimize the lift is to minimize the risk.