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Re: Hows about an amicable disagreement?

Posted by Fran on 6/02/05
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    Emma, No offense, but I don't think you'd want to meet my umbrella
    cockatoo, unclipped, in a dark alley. Seriously, she is just a heartbeat
    away from her wild ancestors; and as sweet, lovable and cuddly as she is,
    I don't want to experience her having one of her temper tantrums and
    flying at my face with the desire (and ability) to remove my nose from it.

    Also, I don't want to EVER have to go through the horror of having to list
    her on a lost birds board.

    Emma, I'm glad your birds fly free. That works for you. But you can post
    on this board until the cows come home, and those of us who have owned
    birds for a long time, and who know MANY others who have owned (and lost)
    birds due to an overdue wing clip are not going to be swayed by your
    opinions. A captive bird is a captive bird, period. Clipped or unclipped,
    doesn't matter, they are in an unnatural environment. Cockatiels are very
    fast flyers and I'm sure yours would love to just take off and fly
    uninhibited. But they can't.

    So there it is, my birds wallow in the comfort of living in my home and
    getting unwavering love and attention. Yours fly around in an aviary.
    Neither is natural and both have advantages and disadvantages I'm sure
    from the bird's point of view.