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Re: For LindaC regarding food

Posted by Michael L on 6/04/05
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    On 6/04/05, Emma wrote:
    > I was wondering, as someone who has a good deal of birds
    > themselves, how much greenstuff should I be feeding them?
    > There's 2 Barrabands, approx 13 'tiels (+8 chicks), 5
    > quail, 6 canaries, 6 'rumps (+5 chicks) and 7 Bourkes'.
    > How much greenstuff should I be aiming to put out (if
    > possible) and how often?
    > Thanks
    > -Emma

    I'm sure Linda would agree that 'ideally,' green foods should
    be offered daily, if possible. But if that is stretching the
    budget 3 or more times a week would suffice.
    And since you do live in the countryside, there are many
    natural greens that you could harvest such as chickweed
    (which you've mentioned) dandelion greens, seed heads from
    the wild grasses, etc.
    Granted it is more work, but it would cost you nothing but
    your time.

    Michael L