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Re: For LindaC (or Michael :P) regarding food

Posted by Emma on 6/04/05
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    Thanks for that. How much would you say per bird I needed to
    offer? I put some pear out there just now that was gone a
    bit "woody" inside, and the canaries ate all of it! They've
    eaten peppers and broccoli today, and lots of carrot.

    How many grams per each bird would you say? Because I don't
    want only the strongest birds to eat, they all need to be able

    I'm working on mother, steadily getting her to agree that they
    need lots of veggies. I am going shopping with her tomorrow so
    if all else fails I can grab a trolley of my own and buy them
    some stuff! Are butternut squash seeds poisonous? And are
    brussel sprout leaves ok for birds?

    Thanks so much for your time :)