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Re: For LindaC (or Michael :P) regarding food

Posted by Emma on 6/04/05
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    > Emma,
    > Do you (your mother) have by chance a food processor. It would
    > be called a Cuisinart (brand name) or other?
    > If you do, many of the greens/vegetables that you feed your
    > can be put into this device and chopped into an even 'meal'
    > texture for you birds. It allows for smaller pieces, less
    > and goes farther in serving. You can do nuts and some fruits
    > this way, too. Greens, such as kale do very well when they are
    > chopped like this.
    > As far as the amount in grams, I don't think I would be able to
    > give you a proper assessment of what the birds should have.
    > But, surprisingly, it's not as much as you might think.
    > Nothing wrong witht the leaves of brussel sprouts and the squash
    > seeds are very good, too.
    > Another inexpensive, but nutritious food would be cooked
    > lentils and brown rice. All pretty economical to feed.
    > Michael L

    Thanks very much for the help - I thought butternut squash seeds
    were poisonous! Oh well they can have those then! I don't have a
    food processor but I do cut up the food into small chunks and put
    them in various places around the aviary for them to nibble on. I
    guess it's not SO much greenstuff because when I do put stuff in
    for them, they eat it but it's not like there's none left before
    they all appear full and fly off again. Brown rice sounds good
    I'll buy some tomorrow and let you know how it goes :) I keep
    talking about photos but I'll DEFINITELY take some tomorrow, the
    chicks are too cute to keep to myself! Thanks very much for the
    help :)