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Re: "Free foods"

Posted by KarenH on 6/04/05
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    I was going to suggest the "free" foods available right outside
    your door but Michael beat me to it. I feed chickweed, dandelion
    greens and the seed heads every day when they're available. My
    animals love it, both avian & reptilian. It really saves me
    money on veggies. You could also make a small garden and grow a
    few things too. It's fun and, again, very cheap food source.


    On 6/04/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 6/04/05, Emma wrote:
    >> I was wondering, as someone who has a good deal of birds
    >> themselves, how much greenstuff should I be feeding them?
    >> There's 2 Barrabands, approx 13 'tiels (+8 chicks), 5
    >> quail, 6 canaries, 6 'rumps (+5 chicks) and 7 Bourkes'.
    >> How much greenstuff should I be aiming to put out (if
    >> possible) and how often?
    >> Thanks
    >> -Emma
    > Emma,
    > I'm sure Linda would agree that 'ideally,' green foods should
    > be offered daily, if possible. But if that is stretching the
    > budget 3 or more times a week would suffice.
    > And since you do live in the countryside, there are many
    > natural greens that you could harvest such as chickweed
    > (which you've mentioned) dandelion greens, seed heads from
    > the wild grasses, etc.
    > Granted it is more work, but it would cost you nothing but
    > your time.
    > Michael L