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Re: regarding food/butternut squash seeds

Posted by Rachel B on 6/04/05
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    On 6/04/05, Emma wrote:
    > much for the help - I thought butternut squash seeds
    > were poisonous! Oh well they can have those then! I don't have a

    Actually, they are not only not poisonous, they are very well-liked,
    at least by my CAG. I don't even have to toast them; just set them
    out to dry on a plate or towel for a day or so. I give him a half-
    teaspoon or so daily with his other food as long as they last.
    Pumpkin seeds are commercially available here for human food; if they
    are there too, be sure to buy the raw ones. And of course, the flesh
    of butternut or any winter squash (acorn, Hubbard, pumpkin, Silver
    Bell) is VERY good for them.

    I don't know if you have sweet potatoes or yams readily available
    over there? Not the kind in cans, in heavy syrup, but just raw. I
    use them as a staple too--roasted, boiled, mashed or raw. They are
    very cheap over here, and very nutritious. Any dark green or dark
    orange veggie is high in Vitamin A.

    Rachel B.