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Post: Thanks for the advice

Posted by Dawn on 6/07/05

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    I just wanted to say thanks for the advice from everyone
    regarding handfeeding and weaning my cockatoo. It was
    suggested that I should try the abundance weaning method
    and it has worked wonderful!! Princess is now pushing
    away the formula and going more for her food bowls. I
    made a large batch of various cooked veggies and pastas
    that I froze in small snack bags. I also give her raw
    pastas, cheerios, peanuts, pellets soaked in apple juice,
    and other various treats in addition to her pellet diet.
    She seems very happy with our new feeding arrangement and
    is even learning to trust me enough to take food from me
    while we are sitting together and bonding.

    Thanks so much to everyone who responded for the wonderful


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