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Re: Confused 'tiel. EDIT

Posted by Emma on 6/07/05
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    On 6/07/05, Emma wrote:
    > Well here's the deal: A while ago I rescued an at least
    > 15yo cockatiel called Bud from an American lady my mum
    > works with along with his pal, Stupid. They're both males
    > and seemed devoted to each other until:
    > One day I saw Stupid sitting by himself - v. unusual for
    > him as he's always with Bud. I thought Bud might be dead
    > but he was sitting in a Bourkes' sized nestbox with a
    > Bourkes' on eggs :S. I thought this was maybe a one-off
    > but he sits in there with the Bourkes' full time. I only
    > rarely see him out to eat and suchlike. Poor Stupid sits
    > on the nestbox perch outside all day long, periodically
    > peering in at his friend. What on earth do I do? The
    > nestbox hole is only 2' now so I can't make that any
    > smaller or nothing will be able to get in. Why is

    Bud - (sorry I put Stupid in the first post)

    > sitting on this Bourkes' eggs along with it???
    > Help required lol
    > -Emma