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Re: Confused 'tiel.

Posted by Emma on 6/08/05
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    On 6/07/05, KarenH wrote:
    > You do know that male cockatiels help incubate the eggs don't
    > Perhaps Bud wants to be a daddy and is sitting in the nest hoping
    > for that to come true?
    > If I only had male 'tiels I wouldn't have nestboxes around for
    > them to get into. Of course, you're going to say, "Those
    > nestboxes aren't for the cockatiels". You know what they're for,
    > know what they're for but Bud doesn't know that. It just confuses
    > him more.
    > Karen

    I have male and female 'tiels, sorry I didn't mention that in the
    post! There's three other nestboxes full of 'tiel babies and
    helpful community parents, but Bud's decided to sit in the tiny
    Bourkes' box. I guess I'll have to buy more boxes and hope that
    either he or the Bourkes' move out.
    Thanks for your help