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Re: Confused 'tiel.

Posted by KarenH on 6/08/05
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    While I totally believe a bird can learn the meaning of many objects
    such as apple, etc. and they can learn what "no" and "good bird" and
    various other phrases mean. I don't believe they have the awareness to
    know what a name means except that it means you want their attention.

    I don't think this bird realizes what his name means to us (Stupid).
    He may answer to it but that's just the word a human uses every time
    they want his attention. There are lots of people who want to know
    what gender their bird is so they can name it appropriately. That's
    just for the humans, because the bird has no idea what a boy name is
    and what a girl name is. This is JMO.


    On 6/08/05, Fran wrote:
    > Here's my advice. Change Stupid's name to something appropriate
    > for a pet bird.