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Re: Confused 'tiel./Emma

Posted by Debby on 6/09/05
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    I have been reading your posts now since you stumbled upon this board. I will
    say that I was very impressed with how well you represent yourself with the
    way you write. You sure do not write like a 16 year old teenager.

    However, This is another "cocky" post that I just don't understand why you
    have to take offense. You are relatively new to this board. Getting people to
    give you knowledge or information is a wonderful priviledge to have. I don't
    post frequently anymore, however I do read.

    I really don't see where they were "arguing" as you put in the post below.
    They were just expressing their opinion on a bird called "Stupid". I have to
    agree with them. Mkay said it right. If that bird would be in my house the
    name would have changed. Why? Because I LOVE my birds. That in itself should
    give you the incentive to change his name. I know I wouldn't want to be called
    stupid, would you? How about something that sounds like it. How about Stuey
    for example.

    It might just be a teil to you, or as you said he came with the name. But to
    many of us here, they are not just "teils" to us.

    You ask how it enriches his life? By taking away that STUPID name thats how.
    If you love him enough, change his name, thats all we were saying.

    Please show some respect when posting in all your posts. As I said before I do
    believe you are a highly intelligent young lady. Please always act like one.
    Not one with a bit of a chip on her shoulder.


    >> Emma, you've been calling that bird "Stupid" for a while now. I would
    >> have changed the name to Cupid the minute I assumed ownership. Nomatter
    >> how you sugarcoat it, when a person continuously calls someone or
    >> something stupid, whether it's a name or not, it's demeaning and wrong.
    >> You can't tell me that there isn't part of you that finds a humor in
    >> continuing to use that name.
    >> Stupid is as stupid does. Who said that, anyway?
    > Christ it's just a NAME. I can say with all honesty that no, I don't find
    > even the slightest humour in calling him Stupid, it's the name he had when
    > I got him and I don't see any reason or point to me changing his name
    > because of the meaning the name happens to have in English. If you
    > would've done things differently fair enough, but his welfare does not
    > suffer from his name being Stupid. He was named Stupid by an old man with
    > a sense of humour - I do not share this sense of humour. But how does it
    > enrich either his or my life calling him a different name. I had a female
    > cockatiel mutation who I called Jasper, because I thought she was male.
    > But the name stuck even after I realised he was a she.
    > There really is no point arguing something as trivial as this... though I
    > am sure more people will probably try.
    > Stupid is loved and well-cared for and that's what I endeavour to provide.
    > -Emma