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Re: Confused 'tiel./Emma

Posted by Kitty.J on 6/09/05
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    Well this is just my word on the bird name stupid. If i came to your house to
    get a baby bird or what not, or lets say i am a friend, and you're pointing out
    your beautiful birds, and you say " oh right, this is bird is Stupid" I would
    take offense because i would think you really are not a bir dlover and believe a
    bird is stupid, i for one couldn't bare with such a name, why don't you refer to
    him as something else? I mean a good name, yes he is YOUR bird now, and you do
    not have to keep older owners name for the birds you have. How aboutLike say his
    name with a twist, liek "Stoop-ee-do!" Sounds sorta like torpedo, lol. But it
    has a okay ring... I like adding weird things to my birds names especially for
    my Budgies, they love to laugh at my voice i talk to them with, lol.