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Re: Confused 'tiel?or Confused Emma?/ MKay

Posted by Just wondering on 6/09/05
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    On 6/09/05, MKay wrote:
    > Kitty, that was really cute.. Stoooopeeedo!
    > But I think we're wasting time trying to express our opinions to deaf ears. (or
    > blind eyes) Our opinions don't matter. Emma loves her Stupid. She said so.

    I am wondering who is confused ?
    Emma loves her birds and tha is obvious , she spells and writte
    wonderfully well for a young Lady ....
    But she seams a bit confused....
    Can't keep a story strait especially about "Stupid".

    Post: Confused 'tiel.
    Posted by Emma on 6/07/05
    Well here's the deal: A while ago I rescued an at least
    15yo cockatiel called Bud from an American lady my mum
    works with along with his pal, Stupid.

    Re: Confused 'tiel.
    Posted by Emma on 6/08/05
    He was named Stupid by an old man with
    a sense of humour .