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Re: Stuey is ill...

Posted by Rina on 6/12/05
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    On 6/12/05, Emma wrote:
    > Well "Stuey" as he's been re-christened, has got a poorly
    > foot. It seems to be giving him quite a lot of discomfort
    > and it appears he's got a cut on the "hock" of one of his
    > legs. In the short term we've just brought him inside to a
    > warm, clean hospital cage, where we'll keep an eye on him
    > for a bit to see if it improves. He's very stressed at
    > having been brought inside so we've given him food, water,
    > veggies and some millet. I hope he gets better soon and if
    > he's no better by tuesday we're going to take him to the
    > vets. Poor little guy. He's still well enough to give me
    > three large bites on my finger though!
    > -Emma

    Poor little Stuey.....
    Do you know how he hurt his foot ?
    Hope he feels better soon.