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Re: Stuey is ill...

Posted by Debby on 6/12/05
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    Emma Im sorry Stuey got hurt...did you wash the cut? When my bird
    got hurt a while back, I filled my sink up with warm water and
    aloe juice. Im sure you don't have the aloe juice, however, if you
    just fill your sink with warm water and let him in there, that
    would wash it for you. Might you have access to a bit of aloe?
    Like from the plant? rubbing some of that on might help as well.

    I do hope Stuey gets better soon!

    >> Poor little Stuey.....
    >> Do you know how he hurt his foot ?
    >> Hope he feels better soon.
    >> Rina
    > I have two theories:
    > 1) He cut himself on a twig or something in the aviary,
    > because all the perches are fruit tree branches
    > or
    > 2) He got into a fight with another 'tiel. Unlikely as there's
    > never any violence in there, but possible.
    > I had an eggbound female yesterday we were preparing to rush
    > to the vet who then promptly dropped the egg whilst sitting on
    > her perch. They're funny things, birds...
    > -Emma