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Re: Stuey is ill...

Posted by Emma on 6/12/05
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    On 6/12/05, Debby wrote:
    > Emma Im sorry Stuey got hurt...did you wash the cut? When my bird
    > got hurt a while back, I filled my sink up with warm water and
    > aloe juice. Im sure you don't have the aloe juice, however, if
    > just fill your sink with warm water and let him in there, that
    > would wash it for you. Might you have access to a bit of aloe?
    > Like from the plant? rubbing some of that on might help as well.
    > I do hope Stuey gets better soon!
    > Debby

    No I didn't wash the cut cause he seems really stressed. I might
    do that in the morning though if he's not too upset. He keeps
    hiding behind the box in the cage. Poor guy. I'm going to leave
    him be for tonight, he has plenty of water and seed and millet
    spray so he's nice and comfy and warm, and I'll see how he is
    tomorrow. I'm going to try to persuade my parents to take him to
    the vets anyway just to have it checked out. Thanks for your
    help :)