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Re: Stuey is ill...

Posted by Emma on 6/13/05
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    On 6/12/05, MKay wrote:
    > Emma,
    > Please ignore the fact that he's upset, and take a closer look.
    > There may be something still stuck in his leg. If you don't take
    > him in, you can at least try to make him more comfortable by washing
    > it for him..??

    I've just come back from washing his cut with disinfectant. He's got a
    bump and a cut on one of the "hocks" of his legs which is obviously
    causing him some discomfort. He's still cosyed up in the hospital cage
    which is so clean I'd eat my dinner out of it lol, so hopefully the
    infection will work its way out. I'm going to keep him in till it
    looks better though. He looks really moody and hides every time
    someone walks past lol.
    Thanks for your help :)