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Re: Pellets?

Posted by Robin P. on 6/20/05
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    Kitty there is a wide variety of pellet brands available,and
    when they first became popular on the market,it was because
    they were touted as a "complete" diet for birds.They were
    less mess than seed,and alot of people made the switch and
    fed their birds ONLY pellets.Veterinarians made money from
    pellet companies by selling their customers various
    brands,and those that get their pockets lined refuse to look
    at the data involved after the fact now.
    Personally,I have found to be true,pellets have their place
    as part of a varied diet,they can help add vitamins and such
    when certain birds will not eat veggies.
    But certain brands of pellet,like Pretty Bird being one of
    the worst,have alot of added chemicals,preservatives and
    artifical colors that can cause problems with our bird's
    systems.Some species,like greys in particular,are very
    sensitive to things like ehtoxyquin and BHA,leading to kidney
    and liver failure in these birds.
    Many more active birds,like conures,Quakers and such,kept on
    pelleted diets grow quite bored with them and this leads to
    So basically,and I may come under fire for this,pellets are
    a very useful addition to a BASE diet,but by no means should
    they ever be the "only" thing you feed your bird,and if you
    do feel pellets are better than seeds,you should feed an all-
    natural pellet with as few additives as possible.