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Re: Avacodo?

Posted by Michael L on 6/19/05
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    On 6/19/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    > What exactly does this do to a bird when they eat it? Why
    > is it so bad? I just want to know, no i have never fed
    > this to my birds they look weird and i heard it is not
    > good :)

    Avocado, is one of the controversial foods that brings debate
    and concern when speaking of birds.
    Let me first say that with all of the other fresh vegetables
    and fruits available to people to offer their birds, avocado
    really isn't necessary.
    It is my understanding that the pit, skin and darker flesh of
    the fruit, under and close to the skin, are what is to be
    considered toxic to birds. The lighter green fruit beyond
    this and closer to the pit is considered safe and not an
    As always, asking and seeking information is the best way to
    make an informed decision when it comes to feeding our birds.

    Michael L