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Re: Avacodo?

Posted by Clare on 7/01/05
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    On 6/19/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    > On 6/19/05, Michael L wrote:
    >> On 6/19/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    >>> What exactly does this do to a bird when they eat it? Why
    >>> is it so bad? I just want to know, no i have never fed
    >>> this to my birds they look weird and i heard it is not
    >>> good :)
    >> Avocado, is one of the controversial foods that brings
    > debate
    >> and concern when speaking of birds.
    >> Let me first say that with all of the other fresh vegetables
    >> and fruits available to people to offer their birds, avocado
    >> really isn't necessary.
    >> It is my understanding that the pit, skin and darker flesh
    > of
    >> the fruit, under and close to the skin, are what is to be
    >> considered toxic to birds. The lighter green fruit beyond
    >> this and closer to the pit is considered safe and not an
    >> issue.
    >> As always, asking and seeking information is the best way to
    >> make an informed decision when it comes to feeding our birds.
    >> Michael L
    > Morning Michael, thanks for answering. Do you know why avacodo
    > is bad? I never had the fruit so i wouldn't know if it taste
    > good or bad, thanks again!
    Kitty.J, I have heard on certain websites that you should not
    feed your bird avocado because it is toxic to birds. I do not
    know what it does to the birds though, all I know is that it is
    toxic to birds. Sorry I don't know more to tell u!