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Post: Need to know a few things

Posted by Kitty.J on 6/20/05

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    Hello all
    Yes it is me typing againļ, but I truly want to be
    prepared for my bird¡¦s sake, so I need to ask a few
    questions. Some may say if you take proper care of your
    birds nothing will happen but what if something did
    happen? Or if I volunteer at this bird rescue and some
    thing happens or whatever, I just want to know, its
    knowledge I am interested in knowing. So what exactly
    should I do if a bird gets sour crop? I heard applesauce
    and pineapple juice work, how much should I feed and how
    should I feed it? And also if I were to hand feed baby
    birds shouldn¡¦t I add applesauce and pineapple juice to
    their formula so nothing happens? Also is it the same with
    slow crop? Also I did some research on splay legs, I read
    somewhere you should tie something around the legs and
    keep them in place and of course pull the baby so whatever
    I tied around the baby¡¦s legs doesn¡¦t strangle the other
    chicks. How long should I leave that ¡§tied thing¡¨ on the
    baby bird? Thanks for reading this. Its just that I really
    do wish to have this al down before I hand feed and I
    already found a good information about hand feeding in my
    cockatiel book, so that should help a lot too and my
    knowledge on hand feeding finches. Sorry if I am becoming
    a nuisance, it¡¦s just that I am seeking information and I
    want to do what is right. And I want to seek advice from
    experts rather than reading from an article or a book. Yes
    the internet really does help and work. A lot of you have
    some very good information to give others, that¡¦s why I
    want to know. Thanks for reading all of this.

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