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Re: What to do for a king who has lost his queen...

Posted by Ron on 6/21/05
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    Thanks Robin. Unfortnately, I can't cage him with my conure,
    even though I'm sure the conure would love that. They bicker a
    little too much. Scratch (the 'tiel) doesn't bite ANYWHERE
    near as hard as Tiki (the conure). Even though Tiki gladly
    accepts abuse WAY above what he should have to from Scratch,
    I'm afraid that Scratch might push him a little too far one
    day. I have move their cages next to each other though. My
    wife and I are gone all day at work, at least for the time
    being as my wife is planning to leave her job later this
    summer. Hopefully, he'll be OK. I think the mirror might be
    helping a bit, as he has started the past few days by singing
    to it in the morning. Scratch has been the focus of our
    attention since all of this happened and I also need to make
    sure that Tiki doesn't get jealous too. He's VERY possessive
    of me especially.

    We'll see how things go.

    Thanks again,