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Re: What to do for a king who has lost his queen...

Posted by Ron on 6/21/05
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    Thanks again Robin, and all who have replied.

    I think another thing that I'm going to try is to place some type
    of plush toy such as a Birdy Buddy or some other type of "proxy
    parrot" in Scratch's cage. He and Lucy weren't notorious
    snugglers, but they would share a perch and preen each other from
    time to time. Maybe that will distract him some.

    Also, I have some home movies of our birdie family that contains
    some good footage and lots of sounds of Lucy and Sammi chirping and
    tweeting. If I can bear to watch this myself without falling
    apart, would I be helping or hurting Scratch by allowing him to
    watch this video? When I've played it in the past, all of the
    birds would usually respond wildly to the calls coming from the