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Re: What to do for a king who has lost his queen.../Ron

Posted by Debby on 6/21/05
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    I am sorry for your birds passing Ron. I know how you feel, I
    lost one last week, and his birdy friend he housed with is sad
    as well. He is coming around though, just a little bit of
    extra loving, and tlc and he is getting better. It takes time.
    I do hope your bird can get over this. Its a hard thing losing
    a feathered friend, and harder on the bird left behind.
    Thinking of you.


    > In one of the blackest weeks of our entire lives, my wife
    > and I just lost both of our beautiful female cockatiels,
    > Sammi and Lucy, to egg-binding/reproductive system
    > disorders on successive weekends. Two totally separate
    > occurrences. Our grief cannot be described.
    > Now, I am worried about the one remaining male 'tiel that
    > we have. He was HEAVILY bonded to Lucy. For the past three,
    > he has been calling and looking for her relentlessly. He
    > has been eating some, but not as much as I'd like to see as
    > he usually would only eat once he saw Lucy begin eating. We
    > are spending as much time with him as possible trying to
    > comfort him, but I'm not sure what else I can do. We bought
    > a new mirror and hung it in his cage. He seems to be very
    > interested in the birdie in the mirror, but he still
    > continues to call out to Lucy constantly. I really don't
    > think that running out and getting him another cage mate
    > would be the thing to do at this point. Besides, we also
    > have a Dusky Headed Conure who absolutely ADORES him and
    > would love to be his buddy, even though I know that's a
    > long shot.
    > Any suggestions on how I can help my grief stricken little
    > guy get through this? I posted this same message on
    > yesterday, but I've received no reply.
    > Thanks in advance.
    > Ron