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Re: What to do for a king who has lost his queen...

Posted by Fran on 6/22/05
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    Ron, I am so sorry for your loss. I lost a cockatiel two
    years ago from eggbinding problems (I had tried everything
    including lupron shots, but it was too late). Anyway, I have
    never greived the loss of a pet so deeply, there's just
    something about birds and their owners.

    Scratch will recover in time, just let him grieve and make
    sure he is eating and drinking. You may want to feed him
    some extra treats like millet.

    When I lost my tiel, I waited until a "needy" bird came
    along that needed a home. Since I already had the extra cage
    and supplies. In time you may run across a tiel who needs a
    good home, either from a rescue or ad in the paper, etc.
    You'll know.

    Good luck to you.