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Re: What to do for a king who has lost his queen...

Posted by Ron on 6/22/05
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    Thank you again everyone for your sympathy, support and
    advice. This seems like a really great forum here and I
    think I'll try to spend a little more time here and maybe I
    can help some others in the same way I've been helped.

    MKay: I hope your little guy gets to feeling better soon. I
    know what it's like tending to a sick bird. You feel so
    helpless at times and you wish you could do more. Hang in
    there! He'll be fine!

    Debby and Fran: My sympathy goes out to both of you on your
    losses too. I used to have nightmares about the day that I
    would lose my birds. I always knew the day would come and
    dreaded that, but I NEVER thought that it would happen so
    soon or so suddenly. Or in the manner that it did in losing
    two of them on subsequent weekends. Yesterday was the first
    day that I actually made it through an entire day without
    crying. I know how painful this can be and my thoughts are
    with you too. One of the things that really kind of helped
    me get through the grief was writing a tribute to Sammi and
    recounting our time together. I did one the week after she
    died before Lucy got sick. If you'd like, you can see it at I'll be writing one for
    Lucy too in the near future, but for right now I'm still a
    little too overwhelmed by all of this and my main concern is
    helping Scratch.

    Scratch is hanging in there. He has been VERY clingy with me
    and my wife. We're allowing him as much shoulder time as he
    wants and we're able to give him. He's never been one to
    really enjoy being petted the way the girls did, except for
    when he was a baby (that's how he got his name!), so we're
    just letting him hang with us and relax. I've been making it
    a point to make sure he gets time out of his cage every
    morning to have breakfast with me before I go to work. This
    morning, he again greeted the birdie in the mirror with
    another song, so at least he's seeking new companionship and
    not just sitting there pining away. We have well bird
    appointments with our avian vet for him and Tiki this coming
    Saturday just to check everything out. He's my little bud.

    I don't think I'm ready to watch any video of the girls
    myself anyway, so I think the DVD will stay put away for the
    time being too.

    Thanks again everyone. I'll let you know how things go.