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Post: Full-Spectrum Lighting (long)

Posted by Vince on 6/23/05

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    I purchased a light (tube style... not the compact) and a
    ballast. It is a Life-Glo (says it is good for birds,
    reptiles and fish). It has a High-Noon Spectrum, is this
    considered Full-Spectrum? It is the only brand I can find
    here. Do any of you know this brand, or would I be better
    to have another brand special ordered? I have not
    installed it yet.

    Also, how does the lighting work? Must the light be
    directly over the bird for the UV to be beneficial, or will
    the rays disperse throughout the room as the light does?
    (In other words, I have bird cages in the same room, must I
    have a light over each one?)

    I had also read on an Iguane neon that it is NOT FOR HUMAN
    USE. Is this because the rays are harmful to us? If so,
    does this hold true for the UV from any Full-Spectrum light?

    Also, how long must the light stay on per day to be
    beneficial to the birds? This question is asked for the
    welfare of the birds first and not for energy conserving
    reasons. I had heard that neons can drive some birds nuts
    because they flicker, and that they should be used
    sparingly. Does a compact light flicker also? If it is to
    be used for only a certain amount of time per day, must I
    adjust this time according to amount of time that my birds
    spend outside?

    Sorry for all the questions, its just after I read that an
    Iguana light can be dangerous for us, I got a bit freaked
    out. I have gotten my share of (sometimes conflicting)
    information, and I would like to add any of your imput to
    the mix to discuss with my new vet next week. The problem
    is my old Avian Vet, whom I had heard very good feedback
    on, who is termed highly respected, who I have had no
    personal problems with (yet) has completely lost my trust
    due to her conduct with another one of her clients.
    Basically hanging him out to dry when it came to crucial
    information regarding the administration of medication to
    his bird via syringue. (This man had never hand-fed a bird
    and was expected to take his bird right home and force feed
    mash/meds without instruction). I no longer have any use
    for her recommendations, without running them by another
    vet first. Sorry, I am just so mad! To think that I
    trusted this person with my birds' lives.

    Please excuse the ranting.

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