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Re: Peppers

Posted by Robin P. on 7/31/05
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    On 7/31/05, Steve wrote:
    > I know my parrot likes small amounts of red pepper, but is
    > it ok to give them the green and yellow or is it only the
    > red variety that supplies the nutrition?
    > Thanks Steve

    Mine get a variety of peppers,sliced bells mixed with their
    morning veggie mix,certain ones like the jalapenos with
    theirs,and they have dried peppers in their dry mix.
    Before you ask,my birds daily diet works like this-
    All day long they have their dry mix,which is about 20-30%
    pellets,with seeds,dried fruits and veggies (I have a
    dehydrator that goes constantly) and some nuts,depending on
    which types of birds.I don't feed any of mine raw peanuts
    after losing a mini macaw to aspergillosis,there was no other
    possible way we could figure on her getting it.They're also
    very fattening.Also,very little sunflower seed,too fattening.
    In the morning,everyone gets a dish of fresh/frozen (thawed)
    veggies,whatever happens to be around,carrots,greens,etc,all
    this is mixed in the food processor and chopped.
    Then in the afternoon,before it has time to spoil,all of that
    which is leftover is fed to various other critters about the
    house and yard,and they get a cooked bean mix.The Amazons
    particularly always liked the bean (legume) mix,you can
    customize this as to how your bird (s) like it,I liked it
    because they get the protein and vitamins they need without
    the fat in seeds and nuts.
    Alot of the smaller birds,the tiels and lovebirds never
    really cared for the bean mix,so they get birdie bread.
    (Lots of great recipes all over the net for that as well)