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Re: Peppers

Posted by Robin P. on 7/31/05
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    On 7/31/05, Steve wrote:

    > Cheers Robin duly noted but you have different peppers over
    > there to us lol, Jimmy is doing ok I am introducing him to
    > more fresh veg now but I have to remove all the other food and
    > he has to be hungry before he will tackle it, this I find hard
    > as I think I'm being cruel but I know it is for the best.
    > Once again Thanks,
    > Steve

    Oh,I know,many on the board get irate at me in particular,I live
    in Fl,so I have an abundance of veggies and such year round where
    they have to pay triple in the winter :)
    (Of course you may not hear from me for 2-3 weeks at a time if a
    hurricane knocks the power out,still trying to decide if it's a
    good trade-off)

    As far as veggies,just try alot of different things.Some like
    them cooked,some like them cold.Certain birds won't eat anything
    mushy at all.It takes alot of experimenting and waste to get it
    Basically I take a shotgun effect of throwing more food at
    them,all healthy,then they could possibly eat,and this works for
    me,because I have other animals and nothing gets wasted,really.So
    they get to experiment alot,and get a good variety.Your bird's
    just like you,some days he may be in the mood for Okra,some days
    maybe not.Cookie (my B&G) and Laurie (daughter) have both a
    shared fetish for chicken wings,it's frightening to watch them go
    through a couple dozen at a time!