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Re: Grit

Posted by Michael L on 8/01/05
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    On 8/01/05, Steve wrote:
    > Hi,
    > Does a parrot need grit like a budgie does? If so how do
    > you get them to take it? Silly Question I know but my new
    > bird is having major sulks with me right now, he was
    > weaned by his parents in an outside aviary and now he has
    > come to me and I am in the process of changing his diet to
    > something more healthy and the little cage he arrived in
    > has been changed to an enourmous one; so I am having to
    > take things very slow with him. Any help would be
    > appreciated.
    > Thanks Steve

    Parrots do not need grit, per se, but ground oyster shells
    (which is different from grit) is often times used by parrots
    periodically. It's a good calcium source as well as cuttle
    bone or cuttle fish as some people call it.
    My birds do have acceess to a grit/oyster shell blend and do
    not have problems or issues with it.
    One of the problems with grit is that some birds that have
    not had any before, often times will gorge themselves on it
    and it can cause an impaction of the crop.
    If you do decide to use any of these items, slowly wean your
    bird on to them and control the intake to avoid possible
    Cuttle bone is safe and should be available at all times.

    Michael L

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