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Re: What do you give your birds extra as far as vitamins ..e

Posted by Johnny on 8/07/05
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    On 8/04/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 8/04/05, Debbie wrote:
    >> I have heard so many things on breeders giving birds extra
    >> vitamins and then some say you dont need to if you feed
    >> them different foods...fruits and veggies and such (not
    >> just seeds)
    >> I was wondering what birds do you have and what do you feed
    >> yours?
    >> Debbie
    > A varied diet consisting of quality foods is certainly the
    > way to go but, as breeders know, there are times that that
    > not enough. Because I feed it does not imply that each bird
    > eats it.
    > I raise Australian, South American and African species of
    > birds.
    > I'm a fan of products made by the Bird Care Co. While they
    > are in Europe, the products are distributed here in the US.
    > Another company that I use is Vetafarm, in Australia.
    > The Bird Care company has supplements that are specific in
    > what they provide. There are vitamins/mineral/amino acid
    > supplements that can be used over soft foods or in water.
    > (not going to debate the in-water pros and cons at this
    > point). They have a product which helps moulting/plucking
    > birds, too.
    > One of my favorites is Formula Plus which is a hand feeding
    > formula supplement. I find a visible difference in size and
    > health of chicks.
    > I use Aloe Vera juice regularly as well as flax seed and
    > Omega Three (essential fatty acid oil). And I am never
    > without Calciboost or Calcivet calcium supplement.
    > There might be others that escape me at this point, but
    > are the ones that I can recall.
    > Michael L