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Re: Bird Food From Using A Food Processor (Picture)

Posted by Michael L on 8/07/05
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    On 8/07/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > Michael L,have you worked in restaraunts? Truthfully that's
    > part of what got me using the processor,I have a fondness for
    > kitchen gadgets.
    > That plate looks purty..better than what I had for lunch!!

    What do they say, Robin? Presentation is half of how good
    something tastes!
    No, not restaurants, but did catering work with a friend tht
    has since moved to, where else, Florida. She and I had a
    hobby/business and it was fun while it lasted.
    I have a kitchen full of gadgets and devices, but they rarely
    get used any more.

    Michael L