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Post: "woOH!!... aren't you a lil young for that"

Posted by Adrian on 8/10/05

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    OK i posted a messege "she loves me she loves me not" a
    few days ago or maybe a week or so. Anyway what i had
    asked was "is my birds body language a posative or
    negative responce to my training her to accept petting". I
    cant rememeber who it was that told me that she was
    exhibiting breeding gestures so i have been paying closer
    attention to her and i belive you hit the nail right on
    the head. My question now is; Ginger (my DYH) is supossed
    to be only 1 &1/2 years old. Isnt she too young to be
    doing that sorta thing? She doesnt romp on me like my
    friends female monk parakeet does her but still. I mean
    would a one and a half year old parrot who doesnt reach
    sexual maturaty till 4 or 5 years behave this way? Or
    should i question her age being that i only have the word
    of the owner of the bird previous the pet shop where i
    perchased my UNbanded amazon? Although i would like to
    state that i feel like i can trust the lady at the pet
    shop but i guess i realy cant say i know her personaly. I
    will be taking Ginger in for her well check visit soon but
    i live n a small town and the only qualified vet is two
    towns over so the soonest i would have the money and most
    of all the time maybe in 2 weeks. I was just hoping to
    get a heads up from any of you who may have the experiance
    to advise me.

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