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Post: For michael

Posted by maria on 8/13/05

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    on wednesday night my little cluster canary was dead on
    his cage when i came from work, i called the vet and she
    asked me to take the food all birds were eating, and put
    it away. Also to give them only fresh washed vegetables
    until she came, and keep the body of my little friend in
    the fridge until morning, she would `pick it up to know
    what was wrong. meanwhile i move all the other cages from
    the bird room just in case there was a disease or
    anything. in the morning two of my little finches were
    also dead. I freaked out and a few minutes later the vet
    was here. She examined the birds and the bottom of the
    cage and took the three little corpses with her and the
    bag of imported vitamined food i was feeding them with. it
    was the FOOD!!! it has a fungus or something!!!
    She told me to mix the seeds myself, not buy packed
    bird=seed even if it is imported. i called the importers
    and they said they would give me three new birds, but that
    is not the issue. my loved little friends died a painful
    death because of the packed mix for birds. i was
    devastated and i wanted to email Michael but I lost all my
    e mail addresses with the old computer.
    I am really very sad about this whole thing.

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