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Re: feather picking

Posted by Stacy on 9/14/05
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    She might be both...

    Pull out the toys from her cage and buy/make her one new one;
    place it in her cage and she will "forget" about the other
    toys. Switch toys out every 2 weeks to give her
    something "new".

    Many birds like people food. Try giving her fresh washed
    spinach (Aunt Mids is the best; produce dept), fresh green
    peas, carrots and the like. I use frozen veggies (store
    brands that are mixed- they are usually the cheapest) and
    thaw them under cool water. When you cook yourself eggs, save
    the shells and boil them for about 3-5 minutes. Add the
    shells to her food for extra calcium. I give my birds apple
    juice and orange juice as well. This will add variety to her
    diet and could possibly fix vitamin problems.

    Other then this, check her feathers, especailly around her
    head, and see if she has little bugs cawling through her
    feathers. She might have mites and may need veterinary

    On 9/12/05, Mary wrote:
    > Hi, I just seen my cockatoo picking at her shest and I was
    > checking it. I don't see any blood but I don't want to wait
    > for that to happen. does any one have any ideas. I usually
    > take her out for at least 2 hours a day and more when time
    > permits, but I was wondering if it could be low on vitamins
    > or if she is bored. Any ideas would be very helpful. Thank
    > you