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Re: feather picking

Posted by Fran on 9/15/05
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    Mary, there are many different things that can cause feather
    plucking, from medical issues to boredom to neuroses. I would
    start with a vet check up to make sure she has no medical
    issues going on. Metal toxicity (zinc) for example can cause
    feather plucking. If she is chewing on toys or chains that may
    contain metals consider removing them from her cage. Stainless
    steel is best.

    Also, is she getting regular misting or showering. This is
    very important. If not, use just plain water and mist over her
    and let the mist gently fall onto her feathers. OR you could
    try taking her in the shower with you, make sure the water is
    deflected so it doesn't hit her directly. She may be scared at
    first but should start to love showers.

    Diet is also important as a poster previously posted.

    If all checks out, this may be a phase but keep a close eye on
    her as it can become chronic. I am attaching links to some
    good information on feather plucking. Most of this information
    in these articles is for owner's whose bird's feather pulling
    has become serious, which is definitely not what you are
    dealing with now. But it will give you some insight. My
    umbrella 'too has had brief periods of pulling feathers on the
    fronts of her legs, but always lets the feathers grow back and
    hasn't done it in a couple of years.
    Good luck with your 'too.