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Post: Handfeeding & Weaning

Posted by Dawn on 9/29/05

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    I posted on this website a few times and got great
    responses to my questions and now I am looking for more
    advice. I have an umbrella who was hatched 1-10-05. She
    is still handfeeding once a day as well as receiving her
    pellets, safflower seeds, fresh veggies and other various
    foods. I am trying to get her off of the one feeding and
    get her to eat on her own but am not having much luck. I
    was told to buy a gram scale to ensure that she is not
    losing weight while I am withholding the formula. How much
    weight is too much for her to lose?? The first time I
    weighed her she was 1.475 lb/oz. She has since lost less
    than a 1/2 once but she cries to eat. It is not a loud cry
    or even a painful cry. It is a low, sad and pitiful cry.
    When I give her the handfeeding she bobs like she has not
    eaten in weeks. I haven't gone more than two days without
    the baby food. Someone please help. Is she wanting the
    handfeeding because of the comfort level. Am I ok to let
    her cry, is she overweight, underweight. Please help. I
    am one of those unsuspecting people that was sold a U2 by a
    pet store at a discounted price because I agreed to hand
    feed her. I love my bird dearly and want the best for her
    so I am begging for help. I have tried contacting the
    stores but they are not much help.

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