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Re: Space Heaters

Posted by Zon Mom on 10/01/05
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    Amy the best space heaters on the market as far as I am
    concerned are those oil filled electric heaters. They look
    like the old radiator type of heaters. But they are smaller
    & on wheels. Right now Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, & every
    other store that carries things like that are getting their
    heaters in for the winter, so it's a good time to start
    looking around. They also usually carry them on HSN AS & QVC
    shipping networks. They usually start around $39.00 & go up
    depending on what kind of thermostat & other features they
    have. We have 3 that we use around here as we only have a
    floor furnace that barely heats one room in our old/cold
    house! I keep one in the computer room, one in the storage
    building & have one as a back-up for where ever else one
    might be needed thru a bad cold spell. These are super safe
    ( in fact one of our cats likes to sunggle up right next to
    it & sleep ) & cause no odors. So before considering
    anything else do some research on these & see if one of them
    will fit your needs or not.

    Zon Mom

    On 9/30/05, Amy wrote:
    > Are there any space heaters that are safe to use around
    > birds? I like to keep the house a little cooler at night
    > when sleeping but, would like to keep the room where
    > Emerald's cage in warm enough for her. THANKS!!!