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Re: An awful experience

Posted by KarenH on 10/11/05
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    I just noticed this post. That is awful for you and the
    'keet. Poor little guy.


    On 10/05/05, Claudia Bates - Physioc wrote:
    > This is awful.
    > I was driving down the road in suburban Chesterfield Co.
    > Va. this afternoon, and a blue and yellow parakeet flew
    > into my windshield. I drove to the nearest place i could
    > find, which happened to be a church. Unfortunately, the
    > little guy was dead. His leg band is PBPR3841. I place his
    > little body in the woods by the church. I am so
    > sorry .Contact me if you wish.
    > I posted this information on the found bird chatboard, and
    > also on the budgie chatboard. I have several birds myself
    > and I feel awful. What else can I do to locate the owner of
    > this little guy? Thanks, Claudia