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Re: An awful experience/To Rn

Posted by Not entertained on 10/13/05
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    On 10/13/05, RN wrote:
    > You could hire a detective or search a broad-based registry of
    > breeding facilities referencing the band. You could than
    > begin the necessary legwork to follow the keet from breeder to
    > pet store, and finally to the owner.
    > ...Seems a bit ridiculous because it is.
    > Go to the pet store and spend $12.99 buy a new keet and
    > release will be absolved of your evil sin.

    RN you are an idiot and so not entertaining. The last part of
    your post doesn't make sense. Buy and bird to release it? What
    does that have to do with someone feeling bad about killing a
    bird that SOMEONE ELSE lost? If you feel like entertaining and
    being humerous then apply at the Comedy Store or Improv. Sorry
    but some of us don't want to join your loneliness party... move
    along now Thanks :)