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Re: An awful experience/another to RN

Posted by Fran on 10/14/05
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    On 10/13/05, Not entertained wrote:
    > On 10/13/05, RN wrote:
    >> You could hire a detective or search a broad-based registry of
    >> breeding facilities referencing the band. You could than
    >> begin the necessary legwork to follow the keet from breeder to
    >> pet store, and finally to the owner.
    >> ...Seems a bit ridiculous because it is.
    >> Go to the pet store and spend $12.99 buy a new keet and
    >> release will be absolved of your evil sin.
    RN, I try not to get sucked into responding to people like you,
    but you have so obviously missed the humanity boat that I had to
    in this case. I guess there really are folks who just DON'T GET
    IT. You are one of them. Don't waste too many brain cells trying
    to figure it out, just move along and pull some wings off of flies.