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Re: What is wrong with this baby tiel?

Posted by Debby on 10/15/05
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    Annette, Thats not crop burn, if you are talking about the
    redness near the babys throat area? The crop is full, you can
    see that, and there are no signs of burning. Myself, I raise
    cockatiels, and I've never seen a throat looking like that.
    Pictures of course sometimes you can't tell. It does look
    swollen and red to me, which is not normal. Your correct, the
    baby should be seen by a vet. Wish I could help more, but as I
    said, never seen that in a baby's throat before.

    I don't think it is from feeding to fast , as my little babies
    used to be piggy's and gulp their food fast. Try to talk her
    into seeing a vet!!


    > Can anyone tell me what the problem is with this baby
    > cockatiel? This is not my bird. The phots were sent to me
    > by someone asking if I know what it is. I said possibly
    > Crop Burn, although I have never seen it myself. She said
    > she did talk to someone and they said it is just from
    > feeding too fast? I told her I would take it to the vet
    > and she didn't. I just want to know if anyone knows what
    > this really is? Thanks