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Re: 2nd pic of baby tiel

Posted by Michael L on 10/14/05
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    On 10/14/05, Annette wrote:
    > She also said that when you touch the bird it shakes really
    > bad. Thanks for any info anyone can provide. Annette

    Yes, I think it's crop burn. But putting that aside for the
    moment, your acquaintance has a baby bird with a physical
    abnormality (caused by a human), shakes when touched, and
    this person doesn't feel the need for professional medical
    I don't syringe feed, but I can assure you that no matter how
    fast a bird is fed with a syringe, what appears in the
    picture, does not happen. Formula that is too hot is what
    caused that swelling in the neck. The shaking is a result of
    the physical trauma caused by the burn.
    If this person cannot find it in his/her pocket to vet the
    bird, at least humanely euthanize the poor thing.

    Michael L

    PS There is absolutely no reason for burning the crop of a
    bird. Sheer negligence is the cause.