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Re: 2nd pic of baby tiel

Posted by Michael L on 10/15/05
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    On 10/14/05, Annette wrote:
    > Hey Michael,
    > Long time no talk to. I couldn't agree with you more.
    > This really has me bothered that someone could first do this to
    > a baby bird and second not get any treatment for it. Her
    > response was that it is doing better??? How can that be with
    > no treatment? She said she has a lady coming in the AM to
    > trade 2 pairs of WF tiels for her 3 babies she is handfeeding
    > including that one and that the lady told her this bird will be
    > fine. I told her today as soon as she sent me pictures to take
    > it to the vet and that SHE did this to the poor thing. She did
    > admit that this happened one other time to another baby she was
    > feeding. I don't think she should even breed the birds if she
    > doesn't care for the well being of the babies at all. I told
    > her that I thought the bird would die if not helped and she
    > said "we will see". I hope no one buys any of her birds
    > anymore and encourages this. She is definitely not responsible
    > and that just kills me that she is going to let this little guy
    > suffer like that. If she lived closer to me I would have went
    > and picked it up myself today and taken it to the vet. Anyone
    > can see that it needs attention. Thanks Annette

    Hi Annette,
    I was wondering if it was you or not!
    Sorry to hear that she's blind to her own carelessness. Sad that
    this bird has to suffer because of it.
    The chances of it recovering on it's own is very slim.

    Glad to see you still working with birds.

    Michael L