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Posted by Michael L on 10/23/05
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    On 10/23/05, Gina wrote:
    > I recently discovered that magical little product called
    > GSE. They might as well take the E off the end and call it
    > a "God Sent". Aside from making cage, veggie, perch and toy
    > cleaning alot safer and easier, it has cleared up my acne
    > completely in 4 days! Got rid of a canker sore in 2. And
    > made kitchen and bathroom cleanup a breeze. For anyone who
    > may be deterred by the price (25.99$ dollars for a very
    > small bottle (I do't remember the oz) here in Quebec), I
    > have to tell you it is well worth it. Those of you who use
    > it already know that. I just have one question... can I
    > mix a bottle of diluted solution and use it later? Its
    > hard to throw this stuff down the drain if I mix too much
    > due to its cost. So if it can be saved for the next day, I
    > would like to know. Until then I will continue dumping it.


    GSE is my favorite product to use when I prepare
    soak/sprouted seed. It has served me well for a long time.
    I will tell you that I found an artilce, but do not have my
    hands on it right now, where it was stated that the
    effectiveness of GSE was only due to the preservatives used
    in the product and not the grapefruit extract itself. It
    also went on to say that if grapefruit extract was
    a "natural" perservative/disinfectant in itself, then why did
    it need a preservative in the bottle?
    Regardless of what the article said, I continue to use it and
    have had excellent results with it.
    As for myself, I cleared up a nail fungus on one of my
    fingernails by massaging the product into the nail bed twice
    a day.
    Like you, I also find it to be a "miracle."

    Michael L