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Posted by Paul on 10/23/05
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    On 10/23/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 10/23/05, Gina wrote:
    >> I recently discovered that magical little product called
    >> GSE. They might as well take the E off the end and call it
    >> a "God Sent". Aside from making cage, veggie, perch and toy
    >> cleaning alot safer and easier, it has cleared up my acne
    >> completely in 4 days! Got rid of a canker sore in 2. And
    >> made kitchen and bathroom cleanup a breeze. For anyone who
    >> may be deterred by the price (25.99$ dollars for a very
    >> small bottle (I do't remember the oz) here in Quebec), I
    >> have to tell you it is well worth it. Those of you who use
    >> it already know that. I just have one question... can I
    >> mix a bottle of diluted solution and use it later? Its
    >> hard to throw this stuff down the drain if I mix too much
    >> due to its cost. So if it can be saved for the next day, I
    >> would like to know. Until then I will continue dumping it.
    > Gina,
    > GSE is my favorite product to use when I prepare
    > soak/sprouted seed. It has served me well for a long time.
    > I will tell you that I found an artilce, but do not have my
    > hands on it right now, where it was stated that the
    > effectiveness of GSE was only due to the preservatives used
    > in the product and not the grapefruit extract itself. It
    > also went on to say that if grapefruit extract was
    > a "natural" perservative/disinfectant in itself, then why
    > it need a preservative in the bottle?
    > Regardless of what the article said, I continue to use it
    > have had excellent results with it.
    > As for myself, I cleared up a nail fungus on one of my
    > fingernails by massaging the product into the nail bed twice
    > a day.
    > Like you, I also find it to be a "miracle."
    > Michael L

    Ive also used it to cure major bacteria infections
    in wild quakers and parrotlets adding to formula
    but only few drops for 2 days in a row cured
    the birds when everything from baytril to amacasin
    did nothing as I tried same clutch baytril
    baby and GSE baby. Dr Backos of florida had
    no clue what to call this bacteria at that time.